Play more IO games - is another engaging online game of the io family. You will find yourself in the vast of the ocean where survival among various sea creatures awaits. In the beginning you play as a small fish and your prime goal will be finding food that turns into the experience you gain. The more experience you gather the faster you transform into a new creature. Every player strives to become bigger and stronger, get the greatest creature and defeat everyone else.

Surviving in this world is difficult but possible! Some of the animals will be: fishes, crabs, calamari, seals, dolphins and even sharks. Each animal has its own strengths, characteristics and, of course, pros and cons! Traits of every animal should be learned thoroughly in order to unlock its full potential.

Gather food and become a big creature to consume the lesser ones. Eating other players also gives you a lot of experience. In there are also such creatures as seagulls that cannot stay underwater for too long but can fly instead. Play, consume as many other players as you can and reach the top of the leader boards. Good luck!

How to play

Controls in are fairly simple. To perform any action all you will need is a mouse that is responsible for character movement and the space bar that will allow you to boost. That last ability is very important if you are in the middle of chasing your prey.